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Double Disk Release!

Give our new double-disc a listen! Pay what you want, but leave us your email address. :)

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"I can honestly say they are amazing."

--David Phillips, Louisville Magazine


The Band

Vessel in its current configuration came together as some of the best players in Louisville at the time, each in successful bands, ended up jamming with each other. The Magic was easily recognizable, and their repertoire has grown to over 100 original songs, ranging from bluegrass to funk to electronica and elsewhere.


Joshua C Blair

The rightful founder of Vessel and a crazily-prolific songwriter, Josh has thrived in the cities he's lived in. He currently juggles a career as a doctor with an equally fulfilling career on the road and in the studio with Vessel. His talents are amazing, his songs beautiful and intelligent, and his heart...three sizes too big.


Daniel Botula

"Dula" has a fiery, dynamically amazing voice, which is the perfect delivery for his amazing songwriting skills. A seasoned professional, he has played with some of the region's more active bands, acting on his need to constantly expand his mind and abilites, as well as generously share the knowledge and love that he has for music.


Jonathan Bramel

I live life with a glass jar glued to my left pinky, a National Duolian ringing thru my chest, and a band of brothers (Vessel) to help create and express how we want you to feel. I thank my mother and father, brothers and sister, friends from all over - if it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here right now.


Myron Koch

Myron has played with a wild assortment of national and regional groups, in studio sessions and live, across much of the United States, experimenting with classical, jazz, funk, swing, folk, bluegrass and electronic. He plays tenor sax, wind synthisizer and sundry other electronic gadgets.


Joshua C Collins

Originally from upstate New York, with a varied history of bands and cats, Joshua captures a variety of piano styles from ragtime, blues, bluegrass, classical, rock and jam. A nice fit for his musical brethren here in Louisville Kentucky, especially the guys in Vessel.


Isaac Raymond

Favorite color, green. Favorite smell, coffee. Favorite book, Total Freedom , by Krishnamurti. Favorite place, the woods.


Harry Francis Ennis Jr.

Harry moved to Louisville in 1997, immediately working for local acts as a hand percussionist. In 2006 he was forced to pick up the sticks and fill in for various drummers, and has become a regional staple. Most observers appreciate his drumming as "Solid with Soul".


Music, Video, and Tech.

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Watch some live Vessel!

Vessel on the News!

Vessel performs on "Great Day Live", WHAS TV.

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Think Twice

A cut from Waterfront Wednesday, which is an awesome in front of the Ohio River.

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Vessel acoustic!

Josh, Isaac and Jonny B make a visit to the WFPK studios to give a great acoustic in-studio performance. …

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WFPK calls Vessel

"Listening pleasure!"

Vessel news!

Vessel's double-disk release!

Vessel releases their double-disk set: a 17-song, genre-bending trip through bluegrass, funk, folk, psychedelic, pirate, electronic...and more. You just have to buy it to find out whta the hype is about. You can get it HERE, or in Louisville, at Underground Sounds, Better Days, & Natural Mystic.

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Vessel plays Iroquois Amphitheater

Vessel thanks Michael Franti for sharing a bill with us at our home venue, the beautiful Iroquois Amphitheater.

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Gearing up for US tour!

As radio and TV spots fall into place, Vessel will plan their trek across this land...possibly stopping to see YOU. Will we? There are a couple of great ways to find out! Either like our Facebook page, or sign our mailing list!

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